My Back Up In Taking Pictures During Meal

I admit that when I am starving or when I got too busy I could not take pictures anymore of the foods that we order. Good thing that my niece is here always to the rescue to take pictures right away. I promised to take pictures years ago for documentation but I just can’t so when it is time for me to post pictures as scheduled here on this blog, I can’t post a picture at all because I didn’t have the drive to take pictures. The other night, it was Friday when I dragged the kids to the Entrée Restaurant at Apo View Hotel again, it is simply because it is the Natal Day of my youngest and I promised her that we will be staying in a hotel and eat there at the restaurant on her birthday, good thing I am a member of their Diamond Club and so I have lots of discounts during our meal. When we step our foot at the restaurant, I know they are all starving and I am too. We hurriedly get our foods in the buffet table and when we are all set, Mariel immediately take my camera out of my bag and took pictures immediately, I am just so thankful that when my laziness kicked in, I have her as my back up.

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