AJA! For Losing Weight

I started the aerobics session last week; I am aiming it this time to at least to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I am determined this time to lose weight and I mean it. My niece is also trying to lose weight, she has been teased by her classmate that she is getting fatter and so she skips meals and biking at times. I am just reprimanding her not to overdo it since her heart is weak. She might also get an ulcer if she would not get the proper meals.

Last week, we attended a birthday party and we are so amazed at how my friend’s friend loses weight. We even asked her if what her strategy was. She said she has to starve so she would lose all the fats. I was laughing, I mean I can’t do it, even if I would skip meal, I feel like getting sick. So maybe I just have to stick with going to the gym I know I can make it. And I won’t let my laziness gets on the way.  AJA!

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