Learned My Lesson Not To Throw A Party At School

Like Mj, I also did not throw a big party for my youngest birthday party. Instead I just hired the Jollibee team to do everything at school. I was hoping, it could compensate of how much I paid for the team but I was wrong because the party just lasted 45 minutes. I learned my lesson to never again hire them for school but I would hire them and will host the party at their place.

It was not the fault of the team though why they have to shorten the program, they came early but the teacher refused to do their set up at the classroom because the kids still have quiz. So instead they start at 1:30 p.m. they started it almost 2:00 p.m. I mean if only they have told my sister Merlyn a week ago that it is impossible to hold a party at the classroom when my sister asked them if we could throw a party in the classroom with Faith’s classmates, I won’t insist to throw a party there. I was really hoping, I could save money and enjoyed it at the same time if I hold a party at the classroom but again I was wrong. On the other hand, I still showed my kindness, I gave the remaining boxes to the teacher as she said she would give it to faculty members. And I also gave them the big part of the cake and I just took the small part for Mj and Mariel at home.

Even though the party had some flaws, I mean big flaws, I was still happy that my little girl likes the surprise very much. She loves Jollibee so her smiles take my upset away. As they said, nothing is more important than your child happiness, so if she’s happy I am also happy. But next time, I will never, never host any parties at school, never again!

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