After Having My Lunch I Went Back Without The Parts

How I wish I have the latest Toyota car so it is not hard for me to look for parts, I just can look here for toyota genuine parts and my car will be fix. But mine is vintage or old already and yes it is not easy to look for genuine parts for my car. You must believe it or not when my mechanic asked me to buy this certain part but I already went to all car shop yet I still could not find it. I went back after having lunch at the nearest cafeteria without the part that my mechanic wanted me to buy. I actually getting too tired of my car, I already tried to sell it but it seems like there’s no one gives interest with my car, and if they do they wanted me to sell it for like P30, 000.00. Geez, it doesn’t even equal for the expenses I already incurred with that car.

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