Budgeting Our Meal In Yellowcab

Since I am on a tight budget today, after church we went only to Yellowcab to have Pizza, I also just pick the 10 inches, and 8 slice for 5 of us. My nephew went with us at the church and in the mall today. My niece still felt hungry even she ate two slices so she finished Faith’s left over. It was amazing because Faith was able to finish 1 1/2 slice of pizza this time, unlike before, she doesn’t like pizza at all oh well except for the candy pizza. I also grocery shop after, I still have to monitor my expenses this time though so I ask my niece to compute what we put in the cart.

When we arrived home, my sister invited us for a dinner at their house and so I was saved to cook. Kuya James there are lots of viands that is left yet and rice too. It will be put to waste if it will not consume tonight, I am glad that they invited us because I was not in the mood to cook tonight. I felt tired after driving the kids to church, to mall and to our house.

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