Chicken Teriyaki Don At Rai Rai Ken

I went out today to run some errands, it was indeed so hot outside but I am so happy to see some decorations at downtown today of course tomorrow we are going to celebrate the 76th Araw ng Davao, which I planned to witness with my eldest daughter. Later, after I paid some fees and bills, I was so thirsty and hungry so when I arrived at SM mall, I went to Rai Rai Ken immediately, I feel like I missed that restaurant a lot. They don’t have the affordable Bento that I keep on ordering from them but I was able to find a not so expensive delish, the Chicken Teriyaki Don, with that and a Pepsi in can I just paid P299.00 all in all. I dined alone, my kids were at home and Mariel too, on the other note, it is my one way of treating myself for a job well done both with my online duties and for the accomplishment I made for today.

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