My Daughter’s Farewell Party By Tomorrow And I Wish To Cook

After eating at Pancake House, I supposed to buy a cake for Mj, I told her to remind me when are heading out from the Pancake House, but she didn’t remember it too. I just realized that we needed to buy a dessert or a cake when we already arrived here at home. Why Mj needs a cake to bring with her at school? It is because tomorrow would be their farewell party but they still have to spend whole day at school because they still have to attend a practice for their graduation rites to be held this coming Saturday.

Good thing that in our village, one house is taking short orders so tomorrow  Mj will go there so early to take an order of what food she would like to bring at school. Well, she mentioned fried chicken and not cake at all. But I hope I can motivate myself to cook some fried chickens tomorrow, we can save money if I would cook instead for the party, but I know my limitations, I am not good enough to cook delish foods, or just simple crispy fried chicken. On the other hand, let’s see what will happen tomorrow, who knows I will change my mind by tomorrow and I will just do my best to cook.

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