The Kids Won’t Tell A Lie

Yesterday was Mj’s farewell party at school; I woke up so early to wake Mj up so she can go to a nearby fast food to order the food that she would like to bring at the school. But then I realized that I bought a whole Magnolia chicken yesterday and I thought it would be best if I’ll be the one to cook, anyway I would only fry the chicken and that’s it. I forgot the recipe that I copied from Kris TV, so I looked for it again and presto I found it and followed it. Mj has to go first at school because they have to practice yet, I told her I will just send the fried chicken when it is done.

When she went home that afternoon, I asked her how the fried chicken was; she informed me right away that it was all finished. Her classmates told her the fried chicken was crispy and that it has no bone! I am glad they like my fried chicken, I didn’t expect somebody would love my cook, and take note they are all kids, so that means they won’t tell a lie. Thank GOD!

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