I Just Wished That The Speech Were Shortened

Our usual breakfast is late so when Mj had her graduation day, we went to the venue with no lunch expecting the graduation would be early to finish but I was wrong. The speech of one congressman was so long, I didn’t knew it that outside of the venue, there were many vendors selling some snacks, my daughter was almost got dizzy because her head was aching already good thing the venue has a centralized aircon so Mj was able to manage it until the graduation rite is finished. We were not able to take some pictures anymore because we are all starving; we went to Gilligans restaurant immediately. At first we don’t know where to go as we don’t usually go to that mall, we have to ask twice from the guards because we don’t where the restaurants located are, we have to go outside to know where we should go. When we went inside the restaurant, we ordered immediately and when the dinner was served, we all munched everything without saying a word, obviously that was a sign that we are really really hungry. I just wished that the speech was not that long so we did not get starved.

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