If I Would Study Culinary And Put Up My Own Restaurant

There were times especially when I am alone, I was thinking to study culinary arts but I always hooked with a question to myself, after studying what would I do then? I mean to put up a restaurant you may need lots of funds to start a business especially if you want your restaurant to look something unique. I am spotting a style like of that couvreur de toit montréal, it is really nice because it is more likely environmental, like I could put up a little garden on the sides of my restaurant with a grassy roofing, I bet the people who would eat at my restaurant they would feel comfortable, with a nature surrounding of my restaurant. But of course before that kind of business, I should know how to cook delish foods, not just ordinary ones but like classy with proper plating and garnishing. My niece told me that I could study for two years, then I’ll go for OJT with different restaurants, it could be in the hotels. I actually found a restaurant that looks like vintage but it was awesome because of the plants and gardens around, I am not sure if they get the concept of that toiture montreal, but they didn’t have life on top, the roofing, and if ever I will be given a chance to study culinary arts and put up my own restaurant, I will be the first to put up a roof that has life on top. You will see what I mean if you would visit the link.

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