Not Treating Them In A Restaurant Together

I have two sisters and each one already has a family but sad to say that sometimes they would depend on me during emergency and such. I wanted to treat them together with their family but I just can’t since I am also in a tight budget. My husband just resigned from his work and we are really tough this time. During Mj’s graduation day, I asked Mj to buy a dinner for us; I invited sister Merlyn and her son but not my other sister because if I would invite her, the foods on the table will not be enough for all of us. And so during Mj’s graduation, I have to tell my sister Merlyn not to be here on that day because I’ll be bringing my other sister so she could celebrate with us. It is a tough decision as well to just treat them in a restaurant one by one and not together but I also have to decide as such so I could treat them right.

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