Birthday Party At Jollibee

Last Wednesday, my youngest daughter was invited for a birthday party at Jollibee, in the mall. It was like an abrupt invitation; the mom who is in Japan with her husband right now was the one who invited sister Merlyn through Facebook. And so since I have to get the report card of Faith yet, I went out ahead of them and so I can also buy the gift for the kid.

I was surprised because the emcee is the person who was also the emcee of Faith at school during her birthday. He smiled at me when he recognize me, Faith immediately gave her gift to the birthday celebrant and as soon as she gave the gift to him, she jumped for joy and went to her classmates. They had a good time together; it has been like weeks since they were not able to see each other.

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This is my daughter waiting for the party to start. She already gave the gift to her classmate this time. We just put her to sit in the chair because she keeps on jumping and we are worried that she will bump her head. Over-protected? Oh well I guess, it is better to be called such than realizing later to should have done that because she already got an accident.

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This is the signage greeting of the birthday celebrant, they choose batman as the theme. But they should put a different loot bags for the girls because they gave the same Batman Loot bags, which is not match with the girls. But it’s okay though because mostly the loot bags contains crayons, sharpeners, and pencils, which has unisex colors the only thing that’s really for boys is the pencil case because it has the Batman designs.

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This is the birthday boy, the classmate of my youngest daughter. He is so happy that his classmate went to his birthday party. After the introduction, the kids joined different of games. I guess the team of Faith won several games that she got lots of prizes that she brought home.

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This is what I like about having a party in the Jollibee store because the kids can have lots of games and they can eat slowly and longer. Unlike if you held a party at school with Jollibee team just like what I did for Faith this year. The games are not complete; the team could not complete it because they were in a hurry to finish it because of the school schedule to go home.

Next time if I am going to host a party for Faith, I should not hold it at school never at all. If I would ever held at school, maybe I will just distribute foods and not having a party there.

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