Barbeque In The House

When I and my niece went out yesterday, after the grocery shopping, my niece asked if we will going to eat outside but I said no, to minimize our expenses for the day I just decided to eat at home so we can be with Mj and Faith during dinner. I thought to cook Escabeche but when I asked my sister if we can eat pork today, she said yes. So I asked Mariel to prepare the barbeque, I mean we already bought that the last time and until now we still didn’t cook it to join the commemoration of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I was worried it gets spoiled so I asked Mariel to prepare for a barbeque for dinner. Mariel as usual used buttercup to spread all over the barbeque, she said it will be more tasteful and flavorful when we used the barbeque. My daughter is the helping her to prepare.  It was even more enjoyable when I told them to turn the TV off and we ate together in our dining room, we matched it with coke that made it even yummier.

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