If I Would Open A Restaurant

Our neighbor used to have a small cafeteria nearby but they stopped the operation because the concentrated of the restaurant that her daughter put up. It is a corporation so they had a high hope to succeed but later I heard that the restaurant went down and they decided to shut it down. I was surprised because when I talked to the neighbor before, they are positively looking forward for the success of the business, they were even so eager and so excited with the whole plan but the restaurant unexpectedly made some lose and so the head stated it for bankruptcy.

I also want to have my own restaurant, but maybe first thing I would do is to promote it before it opens. I will hire somebody to do a flyer printing for me; I wanted to have the coolest layout so the customers would be curious what we can offer. I can suggest but of course I would leave it to the designer, besides they are the expert when it comes to imagining and creating the best graphics ever, and I am sure they could come out a flyer that would stand out among others. So that would be it and during the launching, we could offer free rice for the 10 customers who will order our special recipe.

I guess our neighbor and her daughter were lacking promotions when they open their restaurant and so since it started with very low income, it went through and through that later they were not able to cope up anymore.

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