C1 is only P385.00

I had a long day today; I am gathering all my requirements for a new job. So to compensate of a mission accomplished, I treated myself and niece since she was with me the whole afternoon to the Savory restaurant. We planned to dine at Sbarro but I know how pricey it is there and my funds are not enough so we decided to try the Savory restaurant, I am glad that they offer combo meals for a customer who is in a tight budget like me. We choose C1, it has a fried chicken, not the butter one, pork spare ribs, noodles, and torons, drinks are also included with that meal. Among the dishes that were on our table, the tastiest is the fried chicken, I am sure it is their specialty. It is good for 2 but it could fit to 3 people, and cost is only P385.00

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