Cakes And The Eggs On Easter Sunday

Mj was the one handling the Digicam, so when I asked her to take some pictures of the cake displayed on the table during Leighanne’s birthday, she went to the table right away.

 photo HPIM0213_zps9587464f.jpg

We always love cake and ice cream so when the cakes were offered to us. Mj and I munched it right away and naturally. LOL

 photo HPIM0214_zpsa2d401d4.jpg

The theme of the party is Dora the Explorer so this cake should not be absent; I guess this is the one we tasted after we ate our dinner.

 photo HPIM0239_zpsffe15f14.jpg

Of course the eggs, Faith counted her eggs many times so her sister could not dare to steal one of her eggs because she would really cry. She even asked me to videotape her while she is counting her eggs for proof. It was a very nice birthday party; it was the first time of Faith to hunt for eggs on Easter Sunday. Thanks to the Tita, as she never forgot to invite me on her niece’s birthday.

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