She Have To Drink Milk

Faith stops drinking milk since she stops drinking it in the bottle. From then on we had a hard time of giving her milk, there are times she would throw them up or she would get a stomach ache. So from time to time, I just bought her a cereal and she would add the fresh milk so at least she could intake calcium. But lately, I realized drinking milk is important especially with toddlers and since I also stop her to take Propan, a food supplement this time I guess she needs to drink milk. So yesterday I bought another brand of milk, it is not expensive unlike the one I always bought for her, which ended up stored only in the refrigerator. But this milk is Mj’s milk before when she was on her age and she seemed to like the milk. I hope Faith would like it as well. This morning I told my sister to give her a glass of milk, as usual she doesn’t like to drink, my sister needs to force her so she can drink it. Sigh!

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