After She Have The Taste

My niece just started her summer class, and it was too bad because she had coughed, it is a hard cough. It started when we went out last week Monday, it was raining when we went out in Pag Ibig Insurance, and we were not able to bring any umbrella with me, so we were soaking wet, I mean a little bit. Although, we didn’t have a good weather that day and that we were wet because of the rain, she was so happy that I treat her in Zabadani. It was her first time to eat there; we ordered Syrian Beef Squares, Syrian Grilled Chicken Breast, Zabadani Milk Tea and Chocolate Fudge. When we are about set foot inside the restaurant, Mariel was hesitant, she said she doesn’t like the place, she even suggested trying to another restaurant. But I did not listen, I miss their dishes a lot and so why do I have to transfer? So we stayed there and Mariel could not do anything but to agree yet when she tasted the foods that we ordered, she was amazed. Of course it was heavenly cooked, especially my favorite Syrian Grilled Chicken Breast. If you did not try the Zabadani restaurant, you should visit them in the Peak at Gaisano Mall. I tell you, this restaurant is highly recommended.

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