Because Of The Typhoon

I visited this subdivision before when it was newly built, there are still few who live on this subdivision but I noticed already that the roofing was not properly installed, even the materials are not in good quality. So some owners have their roof change, if we are only around Montreal, I already have called the montréal couvreur for them to work on my roof in the other house. I mean I am renting now so even the roof of my kitchen was tear off and is almost take-off I can’t hire somebody to fix it right away, because I want them to repair it since they are the owner of this house. The roof was damaged when a typhoon hit in the city few months back, it was only fast and not too strong but if it was strong I guess the whole roof would be taken away. I am just glad that the typhoon was not strong in this area unlike in other provinces, they got flash floods and almost all the houses were drowned and damaged some could not find their homes anymore.

On the other hand, right now we are looking for a house to buy, we are looking nearby and I always made sure that I checked the quality of the materials of the roof and if it was properly installed. We still could not decide yet to buy because my husband wants to try to retire in another country.

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