Our Fridge Was Empty

It has been days already that our fridge is empty as in literally totally empty. It is really tight these past few days, good thing that my husband sent us some yesterday but since we really didn’t have foods in our refrigerator, I just give sister P20.00 for their breakfast and lunch. I have to go out early so I can enroll Mj and grocery shop immediately so we can go home right away. Sister was able to budget the P20.00 though, she just bought a noodles and egg, during snack time Faith keeps on bugging her to buy some foods but of course she was not able to do so, P20.00 is so little to buy another food. So she just prepared milk for Faith.

When we went home, sister Merlyn cooked the pork right away, Faith was so happy to eat the present I brought home. Yes, I bought a pizza for her, and she ate two slices, it is really obvious she missed foods. I mean yummy snacks like pizza; because she doesn’t normally eat pizza she likes the candy ones. The fridge is full once again; I also bought some crackers for Faith and Yogurt too. For my student who is having a summer class right now, as she would go to the school so early in the morning and I don’t have the time to cook, I bought a cereal for her and for me too since I will be going to work so early in the morning. Right after we ate the snacks and Mariel is done putting our stuffs inside the refrigerator, we had our dinner together, which means turn the TV off so we can enjoy the foods together in the table.

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