Cooking Breakfast But No Breakfast At All

My husband always woke me up now at 3:45 at dawn so I can prepare breakfast for the kids when they get up especially for my youngest since she is having summer class at school. Yes I can prepare breakfast even though I am always in a hurry. It is like every second is worth a thousand for me because if I won’t be able to use my time wisely, I would be running late already, not to mention that my work is strict with tardiness and attendance. It has been two days now that I am waking up past three in the morning. So far, I am successful with getting up and with cooking while I am chatting with my husband and sometimes doing the Farmville 2 or sometimes blogging. So I cooked but I don’t  have the time to eat, after I cooked breakfast, I will grabbed the boiled water right away I was boiling on the stove a while ago so the water for my bath is warm and so I can make my bathe fast. Then I will have to get ready to get a tricycle and to go to my work, which is too far away from our place. Although I didn’t eat breakfast, I survived thanks for the coffee. But today I opt not to buy, I need to take a nap when I get home.


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