Buying Fish In The Nearby Wet Market

Every time I go for grocery shopping I always ended paying it too much in the cashier from the original budget plan and I hate it. So what I am doing now if I’ll just buy some fish I will just go to the market nearby to buy the fish that I want my sister to cook. It is also convenient that way because I will not get worried if it is fresh or not. I mean there are many times that I was able to get fishes that are not fresh in the wet market at the mall and it is really itchy to the tongue. I was not able to experience it so far in the wet market in the neighborhood; they always displayed a fresh fish in their table, although I guess we still have to be very careful. And besides the fish in the wet market not in the mall is cheaper than of those in the mall, anyway, I would buy fish on Monday not today because we are going to the mall after church and I am sure the kids would hail a taxi and not a jeepney when going home.

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