Pantry House And Cafeteria

I was tempted to eat outside the pantry house in the office. I actually tried to eat outside with some of my workmates and yeah the cafeteria that we went to has lots of foods in the display that we can choose. And it is even affordable than of the pantry.  But the thing was it is really so hot to walk upon going there. So instead to suffer under the dreading heat of the sun, I just choose to stay in the pantry house and eat there together with some of my workmates. The pantry house looks like very clean than of the cafeteria outside, I don’t question the necessity of the cafeteria but who knows right? It is better to be safer than of knowing it later while we were already in the Hospital. As far as I could remember, mostly we could get Meningitis from eating at the dirty cafeteria or carinderia; I just hope that the cafeteria near our office is not contaminated with bacteria. Otherwise many would be victimized.

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