A Successful Ventures

Last Sunday, after church my kids and I went to venture some restaurants to have our lunch on, we roamed around SM annex to look for a restaurant that we haven’t tried. And Mariel said we should try the Sumu Sam, it’s obviously a Japanese restaurant. I was hesitant first because we might end up like in the Mongolian restaurant, which I didn’t like after all. So we ordered there, they have many choices in their menu but Faith wanted to have noodles with egg. I didn’t like the idea so I ordered a different one instead. I choose the chix combo for both of us, Mariel ordered the beef sizzling, and chicken sizzling for Mj. We were so hungry when I went there but my niece didn’t forget to take pictures of our food and I am gonna show that here next time. I really love the combo chix, but Faith didn’t forget what she ordered she keeps on asking the waiter where her egg is. I just told her that eggs are not available as of the moment. She was contented with my explanation and just mind the foods that in our table.

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