That’s The Spirit

Every weekend I always make sure that I have enough funds to take the kids out, it is the only day that we could bond especially now that I am working. Next week we will have our nesting and I am sure I will be very busy, I have planned to take the kids to a fancy restaurant today but I lack of funds so I just went out to buy a fish and belly pork. I know my kids would love to grill on weekends. And I was right; Mariel took the grill immediately and put it outside so she can start grilling I bought for dinner. I also bought a buttercup so they can spread it to the fish and pork for it to be tastier. When it was finish, we shared the foods in the table while we enjoy talking. Their smiles made me stronger, even though we are not complete and I don’t know when this family could be complete, I still have reasons to live happily. From now on, I won’t take any chances to get weary. I mean special foods in the table itself can make my kids happy, that’s the spirit.


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