It Tastes So Good

The grilled pork during our graduation really caught our attention, even Mj’s attention because it really tasted good. They said that it was marinated for hours that’s why it feels like we are eating at a real Barbeque House. We asked for a recipe but we didn’t write it down when the cook told us, Mj was not able to bring a pen and a paper so we can note it down. She said though that she will memorize it but when they grilled some pork a week ago she could not remember it at all. Oh well, like Mother, like daughter. I also forget things, I could still remember I put the kettle with hot water inside in the freezer then later I look for it. My daughter told me that she saw me putting it inside the freezer that is how forgetful I am. Anyway, the Maja Blanca tasted good too, one of my workmates cooked it and brought it at the party and Geez I love to order from her so we have something to munch at home. Oh well I have to ask her if they do ordering and I will just pay for the cost.

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