Half Buffet Half Ala A Carte

I woke the kids up early in the morning today so we can go to the picnic sponsored by our company. And since it is so abrupt I did not prepare foods, on the other note I decided to just have our breakfast at the beach. I didn’t expect that D’Leonor was too far and that we have to get through inside a village to arrive at our destination. Mariel almost threw up because of an empty stomach and long travel, we even ask the driver to stop for a while so she can rest and breathe. After a while we push through to our destination and the moment we arrive at the resort, we looked for a restaurant right away, I saw my workmates there and ask them where would they eat, they don’t have any idea so I invited them at the restaurant. Actually I didn’t mind the cost as long as it would pacify our empty stomach, the thing was it is a buffet breakfast and yet we only have to choose our food. And we can’t go back to eat again, it is really a buffet or al a carte? Sigh, the food itself did not even give us a satisfaction. GRRR!

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