Somebody Took My Order

It was my first time work on Sunday and I was surprised that the pantry house is close. The Team Leader asked if we would like to order at MCDonalds and so I did, but it was already my lunch time yet the order did not arrived. So my friend and I went outside to look for some vendors who sells some pity snacks, good thing they sell a rice and a barbecue I don’t have any choice but to buy street foods. I have to eat before my lunch is over. I was still hoping I can get a meal that I ordered from MCDonalds but to my dismay it did not arrive. I just ask the TL that the food I ordered did  not come to my station, somebody must took it. TL was so kind to give my money back, since he did not know who took my order. To a person who took it, there’s a CCTV but it’s okay I don’t waste my time thinking about it.

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