Shepherd’s Pie

When my husband arrived on Sunday, we dragged the kids immediately to the nearby restaurant. Their special menu for the day was the Shepherd’s pie, my husband wanted Faith to try it so she ordered it for her. Faith was very excited about the food; she didn’t know exactly what it is. She thought her Daddy ordered her a spaghetti or pasta. After a while, our order arrived and so as the Shepherd’s Pie, Dad tried it and it tasted good for her, she let Faith tried it but she was hesitant about it. Faith don’t want to explore new foods so she didn’t give it a try, everyone tried it and said it was okay except Faith. Her Daddy didn’t give up and told Faith to just have a pinch of it and so she can have the egg. Later Faith just said yes and tried just a little. Here is the picture of the Shepherd’s Pie, the menu for the day.

 photo 1004721_10201057565337411_2139634667_n_zps07c9ca21.jpg

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