MCDonalds Delivery

I went home late this morning, my husband already called while I was on my way home driving. When I arrived home I am already sleepy that I need to hit the bed right away. I didn’t know that my kids outside and husband were having a good time playing the WII. I woke up around 2:00 p.m. and joined them in the living room, I found out they were not able to cook some foods so I just asked my husband if we could just order. We haven’t done this before, but Mariel was very expert how to contact MCDONALDS for delivery. She log into their website and write down our orders and then she called MCDONALDS for delivery. They asked for one hour for them to deliver all the foods, they also asked how much our money so if there’s a loose change they can change it right away. We did not cook but we had a blast with our orders that when it arrived we munch it right away including my husband. Of course he has been sweating while playing the WII.

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