Our Lunch With A Friend

Since I already have a car, I can take my husband wherever he want to go. We made an appointment with my friend to look at some subdivisions that we went to before. Joyce is an agent to this subdivision, so I called her for us to tour around the Amiya and so we also went to her house to know if we can find a house there that is for sale or assume. We also visited their newest put up subdivision, it doesn’t have houses but the plots are already there, we will just go back on September during their opening day.

After touring, we headed to the mall immediately to take lunch. It was already 2:00 p.m., so we were really hungry. We just went to a barbecue house for lunch. My husband treats my friend as well for lunch; Joyce and I were not able to see each other for a month already and through this simple lunch that we were able to make up. Thanks to my husband who is always supporting me all the way, it was simple yet Joyce and I had a blast talking our updates.

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