Monsters Donut

My husband and I agreed to take the kids to a movie tomorrow. Monster’s University is at the movie cinema and of course we will not let it slipped away. This would be our date with our kids, nieces and nephew.

On the other hand, Krispy Kreme made a theme of Monsters University for this month. It is always out of stock when we get there but good thing one day when we went there, the characters are all available. We waited for like minutes for them to served the donuts to us, and while waiting we ordered a chili coffee it is like frappucino. I ordered the Mocha and my husband ordered the Strawberry.

When we take the donuts home, the kids were smiling so wide especially Faith.

 photo 296202_10201074672885089_413931417_n_zps5e7d9128.jpg

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