Sea Food Lovers Family

We are sea food lovers in my family. Well, that is all of us except my husband. But, even he loves to eat shrimp and lobsters. You can’t always get good lobster where we live and it can be quite expensive when it is available. My children drool just thinking about eating lobster. It is often quite expensive when we see it in stores and frankly, out budget cannot bear the expense.

One way to get great lobsters at affordable prices is through the internet. We looked at Nova Scotia lobster delivery, as a way to buy lobster that falls within our budgetary constraints. These are live lobsters. The lobster looks so yummy.

My husband knows several ways to prepare lobster but we just prefer to boil them and eat them as soon as they are ready. We do not often eat lobster, but when we do it is a big family event. All of us just sitting around the table with big smiles on our faces.

We must be prepared to accept the live lobster delivery when it arrives. My husband would prefer to cook them as soon as they are delivered, but this is sometimes not possible. We must keep the container the lobsters come in closed until the time we are ready to prepare them, and if it will be a day or two, the refrigerator is the ideal place to store them. Do not put them in the freezer, it is too cold for live lobsters.

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