Ice Cream Bonding

We supposed not to go out today but since I need to buy a door knob and some school supplies for Mj. My husband and I went out to the mall; we brought Mariel and Faith with us. Mariel has to buy some ingredients for her Chicken Cordon Bleu, she is bragging about it to my husband and that my husband is looking forward to taste. My husband knew how to cook the Chicken Cordon Bleu but he is curious of how my niece did it. Before we went to school supplies, Faith and my husband went inside to the Ice Cream bar, it supposed to be only him and her but Mariel and I also ordered our own, I had my cheese cake and Mariel got the tea milk. Faith and my husband have a good time together eating their ice cream. Faith shared to Daddy at first since Daddy’s order did not came yet. I can see the happiness of Faith with her Daddy; she surely missed her a lot. To thank him of buying her the strawberry ice cream, she hugged and kissed her on the forehead while saying thank you Daddy! It does not happen every day and so I would keep the moment forever in my heart.

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