No Appetite At All

Yesterday, the kids were with us when we sent Daddy to the airport. We were still so full that when we arrived at the airport, we just had some drinks even my husband, maybe because we don’t have the appetite to eat at that time. Faith ordered the strawberry shake and I had the Iced Coffee Mocha and my husband just ordered bottled water. Mj and Mariel ordered some shakes as well. 8:20 p.m. came how I wish we can drag the time back and so we are stock there, we could have done that but yeah we need to move forward and send Daddy to the departure area. Faith cried so much when she learned that Daddy will going to be away for a moment. Daddy bade goodbye to all of us, while Faith still crying. I have to carry her to the car and even inside the car she is still crying. Her Dad called her on the phone, she told her Daddy, but I will be missing you. He just told her that he needs to go to a Doctor and she strongly said OKAY.

I have to drop by yet at work before heading home. I brought them to the lounge area to wait for me. Beside it is the pantry house, they were already so hungry while waiting. I went back there to where they were seated and told them they can have dinner at the pantry house while I still need one signature from the HR. They find the food in the pantry house so yummy, I am glad they love the foods there and I have save enough to bring them to the nearest Jollibee store. They were done eating when I went out; it took the HR to sign my papers since they were having a short meeting from Manila on the phone.

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