My Vegetable, They Like

Yesterday was the first time that my sister Merlyn did not went here. Yes she resigned already but I gave her enough money to start with her own. I mean I am already supporting her daughter and if she is still here, I would have my pocket hole all the time. Last night, I tried my best to cook healthy food, and that is vegetable. A sautéed vegetable to be exact, Mariel already fried some eggs, my husband way in the afternoon. There are still some left during dinner; I paired my vegetable with sautéed bagoong.

We prepared the table when Moreen arrived. Mj, Moreen, Faith and I were the one who ate dinner, Mariel did not since she already eaten in the afternoon. I thought they will not like my vegetable at all, and would choose the egg of Mariel than of the vegetable but thanks goodness, they exclaimed that my veggies are so yummy especially with matching Bagoong. It was music to my ear upon hearing that they loved my vegetable. It didn’t put to waste at all. Thank GOD!

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