A Case Of Beer For The Whole Team

So the team building was push through but not in paradise this time but it’s in a pool resort just within Davao City. I was worried that we don’t have many foods so I thought to bring some for this day, but too bad because I have to attend a meeting at Mj’s school at 9 in the morning so I did not prepare anything. A friend messaged me though that the soft drinks for the whole team would be a great idea. I was thinking to buy a case in the mall but geez when the meeting is done the mall is not yet open and it is too far from the pool. And so I decided to just buy the drinks in the resort, it might be expensive than of the mall but it is more convenient for me and there would be no corkage as well. When I arrive at the pool, they asked me to buy some beers instead of a cola, good thing that a friend paid me and so I used it to buy a case of beer and a whole packet of cigarettes. I spent there 3 hours; yes I need to go to the mall to meet the landlady of the house for the payment. I could have stayed longer but I know I can’t as I still have so many appointments for that day. Better luck next time though I am so happy that I met the whole team once again and I hope it is not for last. Thank you TL Toni for the invitation!

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