Definitely A Trusted Educator Can Help Our Students

When my eldest daughter started to struggle with basic math in school, I began looking for ways to help her. I was a good student at her age, but when it comes to teaching my own kids, I often am easily frustrated. It really takes the ability to remove emotions from teaching my kids, something which I am not able to do. So I hired a tutor and sent her to a learning center to help her.

I wish I would have known about, it really would have been a more affordable way to help her with her math. The videos are really excellent, when I watched the lesson on vocabulary; I was impressed in the way the lesson is presented.

Below is a screenshot of the very first lesson I viewed:

 photo ed1_zps9807e527.png

I found that watching the video and being able to see the materials the educator was discussing really helped my ability to grasp what she was teaching.

I really like the approach uses when viewing their lessons. The length of each video was fairly short running from 2-5 minutes. This would even hold the attention of my youngest daughter. I am sure that my eldest daughter can benefit from this and as I contemplate continuing my education I can take advantage of the lessons taught here also.

At times my husband struggles with math, not that he cannot do it, he just does it in his own way. He is very good at basic mathematics, but does not often show how he arrives at his answers, that are where the lessons taught at can really help us with our kids. What may appear simple and easy for us, are not so easy for our children especially when they are starting to learn new concepts and terminology in math.

The length of the basic math lesson was just over half an hour. The way the educator presented the materials was simple and easy to follow. The image below shows how she displayed her lessons to the viewers/students.

 photo ed2_zps3f966800.png

Having access to a website like review could have saved me a lot of money and frustration.

The lesson I viewed would have been of great value to my daughter and helped both of use reach a better understanding of the materials being presented.

I found the website to be easy to navigate and the lessons available are those that both of my daughters will need as they continue their progressing through school.

As I contemplate returning to college and continuing my education, I have found that some of the subjects that are available will be of value to me.

I want my kids to be successful in school and beyond as they continue to grow and their educations. I know I have learned a lot just from reviewing this website. My husband, who says he went to school before the pencil was invented agrees that, from what he has seen, offers good value for the money we would spend.

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5 Responses to “Definitely A Trusted Educator Can Help Our Students”

  1. Roch says:

    There are many sites now offering online tutorial on most subjects. I’ve learned basic programming through w3 schools and their courses are very helpful.

  2. Franc Ramon says: does make teaching a lot easier with illustrations and formulas that can help

  3. Gil Camporazo says:

    A trusted educator? what do you mean for this? I am an educator. I have been in teaching for 22 years. I have not encountered a trusted educator. There could be a competent and effective teacher, a trusted one is another thing for that matter.

  4. There are times that Kuya K’s home work is difficult for me to understand that I need to research to get an idea and it does help a lot. Service like this is very helpful especially for our kids to succeed in their studies 🙂

  5. Marie Michel says:

    I have had troubles helping my kids out with math because it’s one thing I really don’t like haha, so it was quite a good thing I got tutors for them…

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