She Made A Kimbap For Us One More Time

Too lazy!

Yes I am too lazy to move around today, I even asked the kids to cook our breakfast because I got too lazy. I mean I know I have to finish my Interim here in blogging but I’d been here for hours and yet I could not start with something. Good thing when I got up this morning, I woke up ahead of them as always, the Kimbap of Mariel is not yet finish. There were some pieces left and I am so thankful because my stomach was already murmuring, demanding to eat some.

Yes, my niece made a Kimbap for all of us. Yesterday while Mj is at Kumon, we also waited Mariel from doing project at her classmate’s house. When she finally arrived I drove off to Arirang right away to buy the ingredients for Kimbap, she also got ingredients for the other dish I forgot what it is and the sauce. But I preferred the Kimbap, it has been a while since I have a Kimbap it was yet last New Year that Mariel made a Kimbap for us. This time, I am so excited because she is putting another ingredient, she wanted to have the Korean Rice but there’s nothing available in the store, we opted the Japanese rice yet they don’t have per kilo. So she doesn’t have any choice but the local rice we have at home.

So even though she finishes it late at night already, and yet we all waited for it patiently, it was still a two thumbs up for her because we all love it. Yes we have our dinner like 11 at night since we also got home late from buying all the ingredients.

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