Frappuccino, Iced Coffee Or Instant Coffee

My husband bought a big size of Nescafe Original, so when he was here, he was the only one who is drinking coffee. My husband went back to Maryland the first date of July and the Nescafe just sits down in the corner. It was waiting for somebody to give a glance and took advantage of it, anyhow I tried it one morning and surely it helps me not to get too sleepy at school when I have to wait for Faith to finish. I am doing it everyday now, drinking coffee in the morning. My niece said it would make me nervous but heck there is no reliable source that could prove coffee can give us a nervous breakdown whenever we drink coffee, maybe it is for some. But I just don’t care at all; I don’t wanna fell asleep at school especially when I drive. Most often than not, I am drinking coffee only in weekdays and not in weekend, geez I am starting to love coffee. Really!

When I was still working, I used to bring iced coffee at the call floor. At that time I still have extra so P100.00 a day is not a burden at all, I just don’t want to fell asleep in the call floor or at least that is what I believe in, it helps me wake up though Frappuccino, iced coffee or this one coffee powder, makes me totally awake. I mean they are all effective to me, uhmmm did I mention that I have a coffee maker, which I haven’t use at all, maybe I should try that as well.

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