Vitamin C is Necessary

You could really not expect the weather nowadays that is why many get sick not only kids but adults as well. Vitamin C is really necessary to take during this season. One friend advised me to take vitamin C twice a day so to prevent colds and flu. It helps though but if you can afford it, taking flu shot can be a big help as well.

Thank GOD my eldest is well already, she has been well since this afternoon she wants to go to school by tomorrow but I didn’t let her as she might get a relapse if I will allow her. Tomorrow she will stay at home and get more rest, I just bought her a Durian as she requested. If she continues her training in swimming, she might not get sick; maybe she will get some colds but not really fever. Now, after she will finish her medicine I will have to monitor her for taking vitamin C. She sometimes won’t eat much during lunch or she doesn’t eat at all. So I must monitor her foods intake during lunch and breakfast.

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