More Caster Options To Choose From

There are no hidden items sold at No office furniture or supplies, uniforms, or non-business items. At its core, sells casters wheels and related components.

It’s displayed on their simple but friendly home page. The top half gives customers a quick way to jump into the most popular categories of casters they sell. Below that information, users can make some quick purchases on the more common caster styles. For example, those for work tables, office chairs, wheels with brakes, and triple swivel dollies with non-marking wheels.

The side menu of gives customers even more options to choose from. The site breaks it down into two categories. Standard caster designs include stainless steel, total & directional lock, and Pneumatic. Casters offered by the online store via industry type include those for food services, display & store fixtures, trash containers, and medical equipment. Related components, such as bumpers, floor locks, hand jacks, and furniture dollies are also available for sale. A site search is available for customers who already know what casters they need.

Not sure what casters are needed by your or your organization? offers detailed information on the types of casters, their components, hardness of each, and how to maintain them once purchased.

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