Sumptous Foods On The Table

It was last Saturday that some of my blogger friends agreed to meet. And since it is already almost dinner, we went to Shakeys right away and eat. My friend ordered pizzas, chicken and spaghetti. My niece and daughter were able to join after Mariel fetch Mj in Kumon. It was full of fun and chitchats, too bad I was not able to concentrate listening to them because I was attending Faith as well. And as usual I was not able to take a picture of the foods by myself because I did not bring my camera, good thing when Mariel arrived she took a picture of the foods right way, they even thought that Mariel is a new recruit for blogging but nope she will just post it in her Instagram.

 photo 581476_10201285790282892_1756945038_n_zpsac799d08.jpg

These foods are surely very tempting, it is just so enticing that even you are in a diet you cannot resist eating it all your might. I am just so lucky that Faith is with me and that my attention was diverted to her otherwise, I would go home feeling oh so bloated.

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