Tawa Tawa Is The Best

Last Monday the school of Mj messaged me that I need to fetch Mj up because she had a fever. It has been always like this, she always gets sick but this time she needs to be fetch up unlike last week that she can still bare it and a paracetamol would work and she will just go back to her classroom after. So we just drop by at her school to fetch her, the staff recommended to have her check because her fever is on and off. We still have to wait for Faith to finish her school so I can both send them to their pedia. Yes Faith also has a cough and colds at night. Faith does not have a fever but I was worried of Mj because she tends to get weak especially when her temperature goes up. For me to make sure of Dengue fever, before the check-up we went to have her platelet check. The result was normal so I was relieved yet I am still worried, I know how traitor the Dengue nowadays. So we went home after the check-up, Mj’s fever went up at night.

The next morning, I went to neighborhood to look for tawa-tawa, a friend of mine really insisted this kind of herbal but I already know this grass can cure of any illness. I don’t know how this one works but it work. I force Mj to drink the juice of Tawa Tawa my neighbor gave us. It was so timing that when I ask a Tawa-Tawa grass she already made a juice I just need to boil it again. Mj does not like the taste of Tawa-Tawa so I mix it with Ice Tea for flavor to taste. After an hour, she sweats a lot, I was with her the whole morning and sister was the one who send Faith to school. I will just fetch her when my niece arrives. At lunch, her energy slowly gets back she was able to eat lunch now and still sweating. We check her temperature it went down. She was fully recovered after I went home from fetching Faith. I also gave her the Durian that she loves to eat. I know she doesn’t have Dengue, it maybe some virus caught her, but to make sure I bought Durian for her just in case, Durian can also help for the platelet back to normal.

Miracle works in Tawa-Tawa some Doctors do not believe this one yet but some ask their patients to drink the juice of Tawa-Tawa and I am thankful that there’s Tawa-Tawa who can help us all the way. It is even costless; you can just find it in your backyard because it grows up anywhere. God indeed always make a way for those people who can’t even afford to buy medicines for their sick relatives.

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