Refused To Attend A Party

We had a nice dinner there, and so I know my youngest daughter would like to go back if she has the chance. Last week could have her chance of going back there again to eat and play when one of her classmates invited her for a birthday party. I already accepted the invitation however when we went home, I got tired and one more drive could give me drained enough for me to get some sleep. And I don’t want to sleep while driving, so I just did not push through, good thing my youngest daughter thought the birthday party will not be that day but in some other day or week. Yeah we miss the grand celebration, however on the second thought I really don’t know anyone there, and I will just be there to send Faith. Yeah it could also be my chance to meet other people and or meet the mother of the celebrant. Anyway there are still tomorrow or the next day, I know I can still bring Faith to a party of her classmate.

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