Just Enjoying Kimbap On Our Own Than Taking Orders

My niece loves to cook; she started to love to cook when I let her cook some Korean dishes last Christmas, now she has been asking to cook sometimes that is if the ingredients are all complete.

My eldest daughter and I were so busy cleaning the whole house; we re-arranged some stuff in the living room. All so sudden, I craved for Kimbap so I ask Mariel if she could make a Kimbap today. After cleaning the whole house, we went to   the Korean store to buy some ingredients. It was already dark when we arrived home because of the heavy traffic. While I was washing our dishes, she also tried to finish her Kimbap so early but unfortunately she finished like 9 in the evening already and we were all very hungry, my youngest daughter especially.

 photo 20130713_225533_zps77a458aa.jpg

This is her 2nd time of making a Kimbap, this time she puts beef on it. It is so flavorful. Her classmate wanted to order a Kimbap from her, she is asking me to support her financially since the ingredients are a bit pricey but I am having doubts because we might not gain in the end. I am also not good in business; we might just enjoy Kimbap on our own.

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