Free Recipes Everywhere

I would like to learn how to cook varieties of foods but sometimes it is hard because I don’t have the right recipe. I don’t like to buy any recipe books in the store because I know I can get the right recipe for free. Yes it’s for free, I guess there is no recipe book also displayed in the mall because you can just get a copy for free it is either in the you tube or in the packet of a seasoning. I just need a right timing of when would I see it, I know some recipes in the pack of my powder seasoning and I was right. Because just recently when I check the small packs of my powder seasoning the recipes are there I just need to write it down in a notebook. See recipes are everywhere, I mean simple recipe like sweet and sour meatballs, or Escabeche or anything. We just need to wait for it to available for us.

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