Mj’s Friend Birthday This Month

My daughter is very excited for August 25 because we are invited for a birthday party. It has been already months that she and her friends from the pool did not see each other. They got all busy with some other stuffs, like summer activities, Mj was busy with her guitar lesson while they are also busy spending time with other friends.  One day my friend and I agreed to meet up, she is the mom of Mj’s friend too. We had a lunch together in downtown. She told me that Yuna her youngest daughter’s birthday is approaching. She said they might be just spending it to a resort and she invited us. She just invited a few, just her family and us.

Mj is now planning what to give to Yuna. She has savings so definitely she will buy something for her, we will just maybe bring a fried chicken, camote and banana for this short getaway. We will celebrate it in the pool definitely the kids will love it. Mj misses the pool and her friends too. I am sure this is a whole lot of fun so I am looking forward for this event this month

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