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I was too busy today; I sent my car in the shop so my mechanic can install the car stereo. He also checked my car for leaking and some other stuff, so I was outside almost the whole time. Later my daughter called me and said if I can bring a pizza for them, there’s a newly pizza house nearby and they want to try it. I noticed the Dexter’s Pizza near Ateneo, my husband and I dropped by there one night after our whole body massage in Metro Lifestyle, he just want to bring some foods for the kids and since we don’t like to go to the mall at all, we just opted to go inside the Dexter’s Pizza along the street. I just waited for him to finish his order and we went home right away. The kids love it so much, so we also craved for Dexter’s Pizza, good thing that they branched out just nearby.

I went there after I follow up my car, I asked them if they are related to the Dexter’s Pizza near Ateneo but the staff said no, their main branch is along Ecoland but they have the same supplier for the ingredients. Anyway, just for Mj not to mum about watching a movie I bought 8 slices for them and they all like it. One good thing of this branch is they offered delivery services. I took their number so if you reside just along Catalunan Pequeno, and you are craving for Pizza, why not try the Dexter’s Pizza and I guess you would also love it.

Mobile #: 09334556010

Telephone #: 2860104

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