Crabs Unlimited

I have a very tiring day today but it’s all worth it, because I was able to witness the Kadayawan Parade with friends. Even though we chase after the float but the fun is so priceless. So after we enjoyed watching and taking pictures with the parade, we hailed a trisikad since there were no taxis available at that time. When an event like this would happen in down town expect the taxis are hard to find. We agreed to go to SM for lunch but we passed by at Crabs Buffet, someone has told me about this buffet but I didn’t have the chance to dine there since it is not inside the mall. Anyway we decided to have our lunch there instead of SM. I also love the idea of having crabs for lunch, I know I have allergies but I don’t care at all, when crabs are welcoming me to eat them. Nyahahaha!!!

The whole sea foods buffet are sumptuous, if only I don’t have an asthma, I would go back and get more from the buffet table but of course we will be going to the mall afterwards so I should not let this fun slipped away because of my health condition. One plate is enough for me. I thank my Mareng Clarinda for the delectable lunch, I am sure will gonna miss you when you have to go back to the states. Thanks again Mare!

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